When I started this blog, I was clear in my own mind that it was never going to be a very personal thing. But you know what they say: life is what happens while you're making other plans.

What follows is something I started writing about two or three weeks ago but never got time to polish or finish.

Since then, life happened...

or in another sense, stopped happening.

I'm losing you slowly
And it aches my heart
Only sharpening into pain when I look it in the eye
And every meeting
is a sweetness, wrapped in a hidden goodbye
Every unspoken word
is a tear stored
to cry


You're leaving me in slow motion
And it holds my heart
Loving you still and yet and who knows why
And every fleeting
is another step towards
our last goodbye

I don't believe that you can actually lose a soul mate, that's not how soul space works...but it is still hard when one of yours is so suddenly not in your physical space. As it turned out, I wasn't losing him in slow motion at all. If I could change one thing about the last 36 years, it would be that he truly knew what a joy and a blessing it was having him in my life. I have been loved, held secure and given my freedom...what more could I ever have asked of anyone?

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