Marsh Moment (22.6.22)


    Heat on the river path has me slowing
    to the pace of swans, languid and diving
    beneath the water, seeking shade;

    has me retreating to the few trees
    and the breath of leaves.


    A swing has been strung on a branch,
    seemingly grown specifically horizontal
    for that purpose, and looking as though it has been there forever,


    waiting for childhood to return.


    I regret just walking on.



    Orange Tip Settling


    Impatience flutters,
    alights on the perfect bloom,
    folds wings, disappears.

    Blessings for the
    Summer Solstice

    Enjoy now the high point of the sun, the longest days, the abundance of summer.
    Enjoy now the warm days, and the softest of rains.
    Enjoy now the abundance of the earth as it flowers, and the first fruits.
    Enjoy the youngling birds and the busyness of bees.


    Enjoy that while the days start to shorten, the weather is only beginning to warm: the land and the air and the seas will welcome us outside for weeks to come.


    Walk barefoot and connect with Mother Earth.
    Look heavenward and connect with Father Sky.


    Know that you are blessed.

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